Finance Committee

The purpose of the finance committee is to provide the accounting function and financial reporting for St. John’s.We pay the bills, record income, prepare the financial reports, prepare the budget and oversee the church’s investment accounts. Within those functions we oversee the counting teams and posters and provide member contribution statements.St. John’s financial statements are audited every 3 years and reviewed on subsequent years by an independent CPA firm.For current financial reports, please see the Church Council Meeting Minutes.

The Finance Committee Members:
Roseann Winans -Finance Director
Cathanne Bart- Financial Secretary
Harry Betz-Treasurer
Joe Kircher
Sue LaPlaunt
Karen Yergey-Duncan

Hospitality Committee

Our group of volunteers continues to help families in bereavement. We offer room set-up, beverages and desserts after funeral services. This supports the families as they have time to share food and memories with friends. We share the responsibility with a large group of volunteers. We welcome anyone who has a few hours to share in this ministry.


Property Committee

The Property Committee’s primary purpose is to insure that the building and grounds of the church are available to support the mission of the congregation. In short, to insure that the lights stay on, the heating and/or air conditioning systems function as intended, that the rest rooms function and that the building complex is clean and sanitary in order to support ongoing use of the facilities for the ministry of the congregation.
The Annual Operating Budget of the Property Committee is approximately $100,000, comprising between 20 and 25% of the General Fund Budget of the congregation. This budget includes non-discretionary items such as utilities, insurance, janitorial service, lawncare, snow removal, trash removal, extermination services, fire alarm system maintenance, parsonage maintenance and heater/air conditioning maintenance.
The church complex is currently cleaned by an outside cleaning service. They clean and remove trash from rooms in the complex on a Monday through Friday schedule. Routine maintenance items are done either on a volunteer basis by members of the committee, or through outside contractors, depending upon the level of skill and/or equipment necessary. Since the newest portion of the facility is close to 40 years old, there is a continuing need for maintenance.

The number and size of projects which can be undertaken by the Committee are strictly a function of the funding that is available in a given year.


Social Ministry

The Social Ministry Committee meets in the Spring and Fall to plan their annual projects. The mission of the Committee is to serve people in need through these outreach programs.  Here is a summary of the many initiatives coordinated by the Social Ministry Committee and the organizations that benefit from the support of the St. John’s Congregation.



Congregation donates toiletries and other small items to be included in decorative boxes. Filled boxes are delivered to A Woman’s Place to be given to the residing women for Mother’s Day.


Congregation donates items based on the facility’s current needs.


Congregation donates backpacks and school supplies for delivery to local organizations for distribution to school-age children. Additional filled backpacks may be given to some clients of the St. John’s Food Pantry.


Congregation donates non-perishable Thanksgiving dinner food items which are then delivered Grace Lutheran Church in the Mantua section of Philadelphia for distribution to their neighborhood. Assembled baskets filled with food are given to the Food Pantry clients.  Gift cards are also donated to help stock the Food Pantry.


Congregation fulfills “wish lists” from local organizations by donating toys, clothes and gift cards for both children and adults. Donated items are then delivered to local organizations for distribution.



Congregation donates home-cooked meals which are then delivered to the local Aid-for-Friends organization for distribution to homebound clients in the five-county Philadelphia region.


The Annual Hatboro-Horsham 24-hour Relay for Life Walk benefits the American Cancer Society. St. John’s volunteers organize fundraisers for pledges and participate in the Walk.


A Woman’s Place – A facility which provides shelter and assistance to women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence.

The Villa – This facility provides a specialized residential program to house and assist children who have been removed from their homes, usually by Child Services.

The Breathing Room Foundation – An outreach program assisting families of cancer patients. The organization works with the entire family to help with meals, doctor visits, groceries, living expenses, gifts for the patients or just giving the family some “breathing room” – a meal out, a movie or a babysitter.

Valley Youth House – An organization which provides shelter for homeless teenagers. In addition to providing a safe haven for these youth, they also provide food, activities, crisis counseling, individual and family therapy and an on-site school.

The St. John’s Social Ministry Committee …

We provide the opportunity,

Your support and generosity make it happen!

Women’s Ministry

There are many faces of Women’s Ministry and they all are emerging in a positive way.
Women’s Soup and Sandwich- This group was created years ago to connect the women of the congregation with fellowship, entertainment, information and food. The group meets the 4th Tuesday of the month for fabulous programs like: guest speakers from the news and entertainment industry, experts in history, religion, medicine and beauty, music groups along with special programs with a holiday focus. All women who attend bring a sandwich. Drinks, soup and dessert are provided. All women are welcome!!

Women’s Book Club- This group will chose a book to read…usually a new and exciting choice. The club then schedules a meeting to process and discuss the book. Meetings are held in the church library and are announced in advance.


Men’s Group

Each month, the men of the Church meet at the Eagle Diner in Warminster for breakfast, fellowship, and to discuss the needs of the Church. As a group we do such projects as the Property Committee may request, or our usual activities such as outdoor cleanup, hanging the greens and wreaths at Christmas, delivering flowers to the homebound at Christmas and Easter, and so forth. We meet at 9am, on the fourth Wednesday of the month [except in November and December when it’s the 3rd Wednesday]. All men are welcome.


Reach Team

This year we provided the following programs:

GREETERS – Provided a smile, a handshake and a cheery “good morning” (Sunday at 9) or “good evening” (Saturday at 5). They also help guide visitors to find their way around in new surroundings. If you’d like to lend a helping hand, please contact Hilda Smack or any greeter. Thank you Hilda for coordinating this project.

NEW MEMBER BAGS – We distribute welcome bags to welcome new members.

PEACE CANDLES – Approximately three dozen visitors took candles back to their home congregations. We hope they keep the chain going. Thank you Carol for handling this.

PRAYER CARDS – I believe this is our most valuable program. If you’ve sent one, I’m sure you have gotten very positive feedback from them. If you’ve received one, you know how good it feels to know people are thinking of you and they care. Thank you Carol for your dedication to this project.

HATBORO PARADE – We provided over 225 hot dogs, chips, hot cocoa, water bottles and cookies, as well as hospitality as we hosted parade participants and bystanders. We had over fifteen volunteers help. Many thanks to all. If you couldn’t make it this year, we would love to have you next year.

WE MISS YOU – This year we sent 614 postcards to members we haven’t seen in the last year. Perhaps a few will be sparked to join us again for worship. If you know anyone who has not been around for a while, please invite them to come back.

VISITORS – We sent 58 postcards to visitors who joined us for worship. Some have become members and we hope more will consider St. John’s for their spiritual home in the future.

Thank you to all who participated in and supported our programs. We look forward to continued service in the coming year.


The primary task of our committee is to promote an ongoing member awareness of our commitment to give of our time, talents, and treasures to the work of our church both here and abroad.  This past year, recognizing that we needed to encourage increased giving by our congregation to meet our budgetary challenges, we decided to introduce Electronic Giving as a complement to our traditional pledge card approach.  E- Giving is designed to allow regular givers to contribute more easily and to help engage those not giving regularly to do so. Members have their money transferred directly to the church by direct deposit from either their checking/saving account or from their credit/debit card account on a regular basis.  We chose Vanco Payment Solutions as our carrier which also serves our Simply Giving members.
To introduce this new approach, several Temple Talks, Bulletin inserts, and Newsletter articles were given to our congregation to familiarize them with this new way of giving.  The results of this effort were very encouraging. Our members responded very generously by pledging nearly $281,000 toward our budget for 2016, for a 4.4% increase in total giving over last year.  Our challenge in the year ahead is to sustain and build upon this forward momentum.  We firmly believe, looking into the future, that E- Giving will catch on with more of our members as we try to move beyond the traditional cash and check method of giving.
We are a small group but we accomplished mighty deeds. All this was made possible by the generous commitment of our members responding to our request for increased giving.